Varshan Uber Boss Kills

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We will kill Varshan Uber Boss for/with you and obtain high end tier loot.

What will you get:

  • Guaranteed Unique drops
  • Multiples aspects
  • 900+ Yellow Items

This is your chance to obtain one the best loot available in the game right now, don’t miss this chance!


  • You need to have Finished the campaign or skipped it in the character creation
  • You need to have T4 unlocked

A quick summary of our process:


  • After you place an order, that order will go to the corresponding queue (Normal queue or priority queue depending on the options chosen)
  • One of our boosters will pick the order up as soon as possible, when the order is assigned, you will receive an email with instructions to join the live chat. 
  • Once you join the live chat, the booster will then login into your account (with your permission) or invite you to their party, to run the activity chosen. 
  • While boosting, we’ll keep you updated on all events and rewards, you can ask questions and make any request in the scope of the order. 
  • Once completed, the boost will send you a closing message and the chat will be closed.
  • You are now free to login and enjoy your new loot, if possible, don’t forget to write a review. l


To know the full details of our process, check our Safe Boosting page.