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Boosters are the heart of our business, and here on Grinding for You we make sure to provide the best conditions possible to ensure our boosters are taken care of and treated fairly.

We can safely say that we are the ONLY website that provides a base cut of 50% going up to 70% on certain conditions, no low cut that increases on demand, no action queue, no shady and disrespectful offers that exploit our workers, simply a fair payment for a fair work, that’s what the offer here.

If you are interested in applying, make sure to read the requirements and rules to fill the form correctly and If you want to apply for multiple games, fill each individual form since each has their own conditions

diablo 4 gnr
  • VPN is required to run Diablo 4 services.
  • Players that can complete hardcore services are welcomed, your orders will have increased cuts.
  • Having two devices to connect is highly advised, either two pcs or one pc and one console etc. Having this option, your orders will be much faster and easier to get it done. If you don’t have this option make sure you have someone that can at least powerlevel you when needed.
  • VPN is required to run Diablo 4 services.
  • Use of any macros, overlays and softwares to increase latency are forbidden.
  • Dupping on client’s account or party is strictly forbidden.
  • Any sort of problem while you are on client’s account are your responsibility.
  • VPN is required to run Destiny 2 services
  • Make sure you have an updated account to run sherpa/carry services and knowledge to help customers with questions and everything they ask/need.
  • Having the ability to boost on different platforms will make you stand out.
  • Teams are welcomed, cuts can be increased in this case.
  • VPN is required to run Destiny 2 services
  • Use of any macros, overlays, softwares to increase latency and any form of 3rd party software are strictly forbidden.
  • Minimum session duration is 3h to 4h, orders are expected to be completed as quickly as possible.
  • For LFG boosters extra care is needed while playing on a party, you should not talk about boosting.
  • Remnant’s saves on PSN are region locked, so we need
    boosters from different regions. Check the availability.
  • Having a strong save with many items/archetypes/builds is required since crossplay is coming soon.
  • Editing save while in a client’s account is forbidden.
  • Avoid any contact with public games to make sure the client’s save is unaffected by edited saves.

We need boosters from:

  • North America, South America (SIEA) (1 Job)
  • Europe, Africa, Middle East, Oceania (SIEE) (2 jobs)
  • Asia (SIE Asia) (1 Job)
  • This is for PSN only, other platforms can apply without any worries.
Diablo 4 Applicant form
Remnant 2 Applicant form
Destiny 2 Applicant form