Exotic Class Item Mission

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We will complete the Exotic Mission for the Exotic Class Item or farm it for/with you and you’ll get a chance to obtain high end tier loot.

What will you get:

  • Exotic Mission Run
  • Exotic Class Armor drop
  • Pale Heart ranks and loot
  • Legendary weapons & armor 
  • Artifact and seasonal pass XP
  • Triumphs/extra loot acquired along the run

This is your chance to obtain one the best loot available in the game right now, don’t miss this chance!

It’s worth mentioning that once you unlock this exotic class armor, you’ll have a chance of dropping it on every event and patrol chest on the Pale Heart destination.

Beware that the mission needs to be unlocked before we can run, if you don’t have it unlocked yet, choose the unlock+running option.


For normal/triumphs:

  • 1945+ Light level required for Pinnacle activies

Most of the DLCs are needed to run this package on the chosen platform.

A quick summary of our process:


  • After you place an order, that order will go to the corresponding queue (Normal queue or priority queue depending on the options chosen)
  • One of our boosters will pick the order up as soon as possible, when the order is assigned, you will receive an email with instructions to join the live chat. 
  • Once you join the live chat, the booster will then login into your account (with your permission) or invite you to their party, to run the activity chosen. 
  • While boosting, we’ll keep you updated on all events and rewards, you can ask questions and make any request in the scope of the order. 
  • Once completed, the boost will send you a closing message and the chat will be closed.
  • You are now free to login and enjoy your new loot, if possible, don’t forget to write a review.


To know the full details of our process, check our Safe Boosting page.